Polestar Trading Contracting W.L.L is a specialist installer for various Industrial & Infrastructure projects. Our range of services Include street lighting, power cabling, power cable terminations, Solar Projects, ELV systems installations. With the in house expertise of our team & experienced team leaders, we can deliver your project with quality on time

In addition, our trading division has partnered with renowned brands for Street lighting & Poles and other various ELV systems making us a one stop shop for all your project needs.

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We plan a modified security system solution after conducting an in-depth review of existing infrastructure, to truly understand your business requirements in and around the State of Qatar. From commercial to homeland security and defense applications, our solutions scale from CCTV and access control to long-range border surveillance & monitoring cameras, thermal surveillance and night vision, command & control centers, perimeter security and anti-drones.

The review approach undertaken by our qualified security advisers confirms that the right technology is suggested to meet your detailed security encounters. We believe that it’s our knowledge, experience, and passion for finding the perfect solution that sets Polestar apart as one of the best commercial security system installation companies not only in Doha but in the entire country. More and more residences and commercial establishments are nowadays investing immensely in installing and upholding hi-tech security systems for protection against theft and burglary as well as protection business intelligence.


Expert Installers of all kind of ELV System solutions and Security Systems

We have a wide range of products and services to suit your security requirements. We are forward thinking in our use of the latest security technologies and have a desire for designing security systems for any type of application. We’ll carry out a full site survey of your site to understand your particular wants and requirements. This enables us to address your security tests and provide the most powerful solution for you to keep you safe.


Street lighting is one of our core business activity where we supply and install poles in Qatar. We deliver our services and expertise to some of the prestigious developers in Qatar. Street lighting systems require ongoing maintenance, which can be classified as either reactive or preventative. Maintenance activities consist of repair of electrical wiring and light fixtures, replacement of burned-out lamps, or repair and replacement of damaged equipment caused by auto accidents.

LED's have revolutionized the street lighting market. Local authorities have recognized that investment in this type of lighting can save huge amounts of energy. At Polestar, we specialize in the supply of LED street lighting from small localized areas to large scale commercial and government projects. In certain instances, LED street lighting has been controversial and received bad publicity and with good reason. People have complained that blue light from the street lighting has prevented them from sleeping and they have complained of the health hazards. However, this is not because there is anything wrong with LED street lighting. On the contrary, it is the best choice on the market today.


Supply & Specialist Installer for High Mast Lighting, External pole lighting & sports lighting Systems

Street lighting is usually owned by different communities’ developer or government bodies and is seen in neighborhoods. Our Street Lighting technicians furnish all labor, materials, equipment and supervise the maintenance of many street lighting systems in Qatar.


Expertise in Design - Build & Installation of Solar power projects & Hybrid projects for Industries & Homes


Specialist Installer for Power Cabling works - In ground or on containment for Industrial/Infrastructure projects

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