We are an international manufacturer and distributor of a range of doors and shutters in Qatar for fire and smoke, industrial and commercial use. Complete Shutter Services have been providing security solutions for many different types of applications for over the years. We have made sure that every purchaser has had our full commitment to their project no matter how large or small. With world-class products that provide to different needs and budgets, we have been chosen by the world's best architects, consultants, and contractors to work with them on prestigious projects.

Shutters are practical and beautiful. As well as being an excellent way to control the privacy and air flow in your home or workplace, shutters offer insulation against light and noise, are low maintenance, allergy free and easy to use.

Polestar shutters are more than just a practical window covering; they offer a classic, timeless look that enhances any style of home or office spaces. Available in a wide range of finishes, Polestar Shutters will add style, prestige, and value to your spaces.

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