Sliding Gates are electrically operated steel structure in Qatar. They can be bi-parting or single parting. The gate slides over the bottom rail and the drive to the gate is provided by the electrical operator. The gate is supported by vertical steel columns on both sides. Safety features like a photocell, warning lights, safety edge, soft-start / soft-stop, and emergency battery back-up are integrated with the Sliding Gates.

Sliding Gates provide a unique, high-security solution under many circumstances and are quite common in larger commercial & industrial applications, for a variety of reasons as sliding gates can either be single-leaf or twin-leaf and they do not encroach into the driveway or yard area since they slide either side of the opening. Where there are rising driveways, sliding gates are ideal since they do not have to "rise up" the driveway and provided there is enough room for one or two leaves to slide in one or either direction beyond the opening. Sliding Gate Systems are the most secure automatic gate systems around, as due to their operation and positioning when closed they are almost impossible to open. They are held in place by the tracking system, drive motor, and other features of the installation, such that they cannot be obstructed sideways except by very unusual and extreme force.

Sliding gates are the perfect solution to add metal or wooden automatic gates to your property where there is limited space either side of the gates or uneven, sloping ground. Sliding gates are also more secure than swing gates as they provide more resistance to forced entry.

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